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Starting from 1 January 2022, the new UK MRV regime becomes mandatory for the vessels exceeding 5,000 GT when visiting UK. UK MRV will require first reporting for year 2022 in the beginning of 2023. While EU MRV and UK MRV focus on CO2 emissions in the European Union and UK, IMO DCS applies to fuel consumption globally.

IMO DCS Milestones

31 March 2018

SEEMP Part II should be submitted to Recognized Organization

31 December 2018

SEEMP Part II to be assessed for compliance by Recognized Organization

31 January 2020
Fuel Oil Consumption (FOC) report to be submitted to Recognized Organization
31 May 2020

Recognized Organization to issue Statement of Compliance (SoC)

Novoprof IMRV Platform

Novoprof provides a state of the art IMRV platform which supports both EU MRV and IMO DCS regimes. In compliance with Regulation (EU) 2015/757 and Resolution MEPC.278(70), IMRV platform guides you step by step through the entire MRV and DCS processes in easy and transparent fashion.

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Why Choose IMRV?

EU MRV and IMO DCS Workflows

IMRV platform provides complete support for EU MRV and IMO DCS workflows including Monitoring Plan authoring, Emission Report generation and advanced data collection using lightweight IMRV Vessel Client which enables easy data reporting from sea to shore.


IMRV Vessel Client uses an advanced logic to detect an incorrect data input. The data is validated on the spot and can be adjusted interactively before sending ashore.

SaaS Platform

No software installation or hardware maintenance costs. Your data is securely stored on Novoprof servers. All you need is an Internet browser.


Over the past years, Novoprof has accumulated extensive knowledge assisting ship owners and operators dealing with the new regarding EU MRV and IMO DCS regulations, from Monitoring Plan all the way through to Emission Report.

Performance dashboard

Performance dashboard is a valuable part of IMRV platform. It displays base performance KPI's which enable proper decisions to be made to decrease fuel consumption and CO2 emissions levels.


IMRV platform has been assessed for EU MRV compliance and approved by Lloyd’s Register LRQA.

Customization & Integration

Transfer data from your existing corporate system to IMRV or convey data from IMRV Vessel Client to your existing data collection or performance system. Customize KPI’s in IMRV Vessel Client for more accurate interpretation of the vessel's performance.

Planned Add-ons

Weather reports are soon to appear on IMRV platform to give a better insight on the fleet performance. AIS data feeds to be integrated into the platform to enable validation of the vessel's performance.

Economic benefits

With its appealing price model and options, the IMRV platform offers significant economic benefits to ship owners and operators.

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The experts agree


Novoprof has now been working with Norient Product Pool and NORDEN for more than 8 years. The majority of our ships use the solution built by Novoprof to report to shore. During this period Novoprof has proven itself as extremely reliable and we expect to continue the effective cooperation.

Jens Malund Jensen, Director Operations

DFDS operates a fleet of RoRo and RoPax vessels serving multiple European trades. We transport over 6 million passengers and 26 million lane meters of freight every year. When the discussions started on how the EU MRV Regulation in practice should be implemented, we contacted Novoprof as it was clear to us we needed a system to assist us with the process. A system that was not only easy to use and that ensured compliance with the Regulation but also a system that offered the flexibility the different ship types demand. In addition, it was important to us that it could integrate with our performance management system and that it will comply with the structure required by the EU once the actual voyage reporting has to be submitted.
The result is the Novoprof IMRV system which we are now using. I have great expectations to the system and feel confident it will ease our work complying with the EU MRV Regulation going forward.

Poul Woodall, Director Environment & Sustainability

Novoprof develops and supports our main custom-built software system for a number of years. In our recent system functionality enhancement, Novoprof was excellent as usual in its co-ordination with our employees and the performance went like clockwork. We value their professional efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility in the work carried out for Raffles Lease. We do not hesitate in recommending Novoprof.

Danny Wong, President

Key People

Lucas Mees
Lucas Mees Team Director

Team Leader & Sales,
Shipping Background.

Sergey Tamontsev
Sergey Tamontsev Team Director

IT Production & Sales,
Master of Math and Computer Science.

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